We take a tech-savvy approach to wallpaper. While we thrive on design, innovation excites us. We offer you the tools to create customized wallpaper tailored to your vision. Select the perfect custom colorway and material type for your project from our 156-color palette and five material types. All of our wallpaper is made to order and offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Select Colorway

In this step you create the customized colorway of your wallpaper. Click a color name and then click a new color from the color palette, and the pattern will update in front of your eyes. Click the other colors accordingly with the same process until you have the right combination. You may also select one of four designer colorways on the right hand side if you’d like a suggestion. Also in the area you may view room shots to see the scale of the patterns. Again, note that pattern repeats are smaller when printed on Metallic Grasscloth.


Step 2: Paper Type

This step allows you to choose from five different grounds for your custom colored pattern to be printed on. Each material has unique qualities and price points which are described briefly on the left hand side of the screen. On the right hand side of the screen you actually select the paper type you want to use. Click view specs to learn more technical data about the material you are selecting.


Step 3: Roll Specs

The customization goes a step further in this step by allowing you to select 24” (2 feet) or 48” (4 feet) rolls of wallpaper (Metallic Grasscloth available ONLY in 34” wide rolls). More importantly though, you input your wall dimensions here to dictate how many rolls you need for your project, which will then automatically generate a quote based on your needs. If you are covering multiple walls, simply add all the wall widths together for your quote. If you have a complicate install, please contact us for help generating a quote.


Step 4: Finalize

In this step, all of your customized options are listed for you: Color choices, customized roll sizes and quantity, repeat info, and a visual of your color customized wallpaper. We encourage you to order a $25 sample of your creation to ensure you are happy with the result before ordering the full run. Click the Order Sample button to do this – samples are 24” x 24” unless printed on Metallic Grasscloth, which are at 17” x 17”.


Click the Add To Cart / Save For Later tab to hold get your order into production or to wait to order at a later date. The data you generated including color, material, and roll specs will be saved for you to edit later should you need to.


Lead Time:

Even though we offer all this customization, samples are produced and shipped in 3-5 business days, and full orders are shipped within 7-10 business days. By designing and manufacturing under one roof, our customizable wallpaper is made without the long timelines typically associated with custom home goods.


Non-Customizable Patterns:

We have some patterns that are too complex to customize with our online color-editing tool. Patterns like this are distinguished on the Select Colorway tab by the absence of our 156-color palette, and four standard options are displayed.



Material Types:

All of our materials are waterproof and are washable with mild soap and water. Do not use harsh solvent cleansers, bleach, or abrasive scrubbing tools.

Standard Wallpaper:Our most cost-effective and versatile material. This wallpaper is pre-pasted for the DIY installer, or may be pasted with pre-mixed clear adhesive by professional installers. Contains 10% post-consumer waste. Flat, non-textured face with satin-matte finish. Available in 24” or 48” wide roll widths.


Metallic Grasscloth:Our most high-end offering. Luxurious subtle metallic silver ground with chunky natural sisal weave laminated overtop. Any color and pattern printed on this material takes on a metallic sheen. Rated for residential installation only. Available in 34” wide roll width.


Commercial Grade: Suitable for either residential or commercial installs with subtle watercolor paper-like texture. Ideal for high traffic and high humidity areas. Contains 30% post-consumer waste with LEED points. Available in 24” or 48” wide roll widths.


Silver Metallic Wallcovering: With the same durability of our Commercial Grade wallcovering, but with a metallic sheen. The metallic sheen is like a brushed metal with a subtle glow as opposed to a high shininess of a foil. Any color and pattern printed on this material takes on a metallic sheen. Available in 24” or 48” wide roll widths.


Temporary Wallcovering: Synthetic poly-blend wallcovering with a repositionable adhesive. Perfectly suited for apartment dwellers or those desiring a non-permanent installation. As long as the wall is cleaned before install, this material may be moved and re-used numerous times.


How Can I Be Sure I Like My Custom Design? Do You Accept Returns?

To ensure your color and material choices, please first order a sample before ordering the full run of wallpaper. Full runs will match previously ordered samples, unless you chose to make a design change. Since your wallpaper is made to order, we do not accept returns. In the event that your order is damaged in shipment, be sure to retain all of the original packing supplies. After we have collected the necessary info for a damage claim, we will reproduce your order at no charge.

How Long Are Your Wallpaper Rolls?

We don’t offer a set roll length; roll length is customized in step 4 of our tabulated ordering system. If your wall is ten feet tall, enter that dimension in inches as 120”, and automatically our system will add 4” to the overall height to ensure the roll will fully cover your wall. This method removes the confusion of ordering based on pattern repeat. Most importantly, it helps to reduce the overall amount of material you’’ order compared with traditional wallpaper ordering. Less waste means less cost. If your installer is adamant that you order 9-yard rolls (aka a double roll) simply enter the roll width needed, with 324 as the height. Add to cart then increase the quantity as needed.

Are the Rolls Pre-Trimmed?

Yes, all wallpaper pattern rolls are pre-trimmed for butt seams. regardless of color or material choices. Unlike the patterned wallpaper, all of our murals are produced with 2” overlap for double-cut seams. You’ll only need to trim the excess of the length and around windows & doors.

How do I match the pattern repeats?

All of our patterns are designed with a straight match. In trying to keep ordering and installation as simple as possible, straight matches offer the least complicated solution. The rolls easily tile along the wall. Some patterns that would normally require a more complicated drop match are produced in specifically sized roll widths.

Do you offer Trade Pricing?

Yes, we offer trade discounts to trade professionals. Please set up an account for further details. We also offer free 12” x 12” cuttings of standard pattern colorways. Please contact us with those requests, indicating pattern name, colorway (1-4), and material choice. Custom colored samples are priced the same across all account levels

How do I set up a Trade Account?

Please set up an account HERE and include your business name and website. After verifying your account we will activate it at the designer level. Login to reveal your trade pricing. We’re happy to discuss with you, please contact us with any questions!


We thrive being a part of a creative community and it is a thrill to offer wallpaper and murals made collaboratively with makers from across the country. We highly encourage you to check out the other work of the artists and photographers featured on our site. If you’re interested in collaborating, contact us and we can discuss your vision.


We have several exciting mural collections we produce in collaboration with artists and photographers. All murals are offered standard at 12’-4” wide x 8’-3” tall. Please contact us to request additional size and material customization, we are happy to accommodate your requests!

Is Additional Customization Availalbe?

Absolutely! From increasing and decreasing pattern repeats, to specifying designer colors outside of our 156 color palette to everything in between may be quoted out for an additional design fee. Please contact us with your requests and ideas!